The Mitsubishi Electric Group's Environmental Statement 

Eco Changes is the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s environmental statement, and expresses the Group’s stance on environmental management. Through a wide range of businesses for homes, offices, factories, infrastructure and even outer space, we are helping contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

In line with the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s corporate statement, “Changes for the Better,” which reflects our drive to always seek improvement and make changes accordingly, Eco Changes represents our efforts to work together with our customers to change the global environment for the better.

Behind these multifold improvements is our wish for each employee in the Group to instigate positive changes, and our strong desire to bring about a variety of changes in product development, production and shipping, in product, system and service usage, and in recycling.

Eco Changes is the Mitsubishi Electric Group’s commitment to continuously strive for a greener tomorrow through cutting-edge global environmental technologies and outstanding strength in manufacturing.

The logo’s vivid green sphere represents the world of changes for the better, from in the home to outer space. The “movement” design expresses the improvements made by employees, and taking immediate action along with our customers to bring positive changes to society.


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Eco Changes for Society

From satellites, highly efficient power systems and the use of new energy resources, to water treatment, and energy conservation in rail and automobile infrastructure, Mitsubishi Electric is harnessing its capabilities as a comprehensive electric and electronics manufacturer to contribute to the realisation of a sustainable society


Eco Changes for Business

Based on our knowledge of how energy is used by equipment in factories and buildings and on production lines, we purpose optimal energy-efficiency measures and products to our customers. By providing package solutions through the integration of equipment and systems, we enhance competitiveness and enable energy savings.


 Eco Changes for Daily Life

To contribute to better lifestyles while safeguarding the environment, we supply home appliances equipped with functions that show energy savings, and support all-electric-powered homes, Air-to-water heat pump systems and other energy-efficient systems. These activities change the home into a greener, more comfortable space.