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Machine-room-less Elevator system

The elevator system utilizes a regenerative converter1 that transmits the power regenerated by the traction machine via distribution transformer to the electrical network in the building. The system delivers up to 35% energy savings2 . 


Elevator Systems: Number of persons: 9, Speed: 60m/min., 6 stops

Factor 1.09: Performance Factor 1.00:

Environmental Load Factor 1.094 (applies only to lift equipment)

Responding to diversifying needs, we enhanced the performance and functionality of existing elevator equipment. In addition, to provide greater construction and design freedom, we reduced the amount of space necessary for elevator shafts.


Product Environmental Data:

  • Reduced the weight of car equipment. (Car floor: Approx. 20kg; Car balustrade: Approx. 5kg; Counterweight: Approx. 25kg)

  • Employed corn-based plastic for part of the car control panel.

  • Switched to inverter technology for lighting, and reduced electricity consumption by up to 35%.

  • Use regenerative electric power to reduce electricity consumption by about 20%. (When equipped with the optional "Ele-save" package)

  • RoHS-compliant parts and materials are used. (Switched to lead-free options for six types of boards, and plating free of hexavalent chrome.)

  • Reduced usage of toluene, xylene, and other atmospheric and the soil contaminants.

  • In compliance with sick-house laws and regulations, reduced emissions of controlled substances to levels at or below standards for entire elevator systems. Reduced formaldehyde concentrations to levels below the standard of 100μg/m³.

1 This feature is optional
2 Actual energy saving rates differ depending on specifications and conditions.

* Factors for standard products are fiscal 1996 products.

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