In the area of heavy electric machinery systems, Mitsubishi Electric is contributing broadly to society by lowering the environmental burden of energy systems and infrastructure systems, which are used in many places throughout society.

Smart Grid

The energy obtained from photovoltaic, wind and other power generation is transferred into power transmission and distribution networks, helping ensure a stable power supply. Mitsubishi Electric has set up equipment in-house in order to verify the effectiveness of tomorrow's smart grid technologies.

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Hydroelectric Power Generation

Mitsubishi Electric has developed highly reliable turbine generators with rotors that incorporate new materials and a new structure, to enable the construction of high-speed, high-capacity plants.

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Power devices

Semiconductors are key devices for motor control in products such as home appliances, industrial robots, electric railways and hybrid vehicles, as well as for power conversion in photovoltaic and other systems. They help conserve energy by significantly improving power efficiency.

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