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Power devices

Semiconductors are key devices for motor control in products such as home appliances, industrial robots, electric railways and hybrid vehicles, as well as for power conversion in photovoltaic and other systems. They help conserve energy by significantly improving power efficiency.


Power Module DIP-IPM PS21994

Factor 2.466: Performance Factor 1.50:

Environmental Load Factor 1.644

Power module for driving inverters for home appliances and industrial motors.

Product Environmental Data:


  • Use of a high heat dissipation insulation structure achieved a reduced junction temperature rise in power chips. This allowed for a smaller package and led to a significant reduction (about 40%) of the mounting area on the PCB compared to our current products.  

  • By integrating a full-gate CSTBT™*, which is one of Mitsubishi Electric's advanced IGBTs, electric power consumption in the system was reduced.
    *CSTBT: Carrier Stored Trench Gate Bipolar Transistor

  • Production of lead-free process for soldering power chips and plating outer terminals realized all lead-free products (RoHS compliant). 


Laminated Bus Bar (Large Current Circuit Board)

Factor: 2.45

Performance Factor: 2

Environmental Impact Factor: 1.22

Improved Inverter Power Conversion Efficiency and Reduced Weight through use of Aluminum Materials

The laminated bus bar, a large current circuit board, achieves high-speed operation by preventing electrical surges during high-speed switching. The board is used for power semiconductor devices such as IGBTs1 and IPMs2.

Reduced inductance makes it possible for the inverter's main circuit wiring to be completely snubberless. Reduced snubber loss results in improved power conversion efficiency. Aluminum, rather than copper, is used as the unit's main material, making it more lightweight.

*1 IGBT: Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor - a semiconductor device used for power control applications  

*2 IPM: Intelligent Power Module - a semiconductor device used for ON-OFF switching that contains circuitry for control and protection in a single package

Product Environmental Data:

  • Achieved a 70% weight reduction by using aluminum rather than copper as the main material

  • Completely snubberless inverter main circuit wiring

  • Significantly improved power conversion efficiency

  • Eliminates six substances indicated by the RoHS Directive (non-applicable).


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