Eliminating waste in the manufacturing process that goes directly to landfills is a core measure to achieve zero emissions. Thorough separation of waste items that can be reused and recycled is critical. Mitsubishi Electric's recycling system has garnered wide attention in the industry.

e-F@ctory — Optimization of entire factories

e-f@ctory is the Mitsubishi Electric solution for improving the performance of any manufacturing enterprise, providing three key benefits; reduced total cost of ownership, maximised profitability and seamless integration.

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EcoMonitors, EcoServers and IPM Motors

The amount of electricity used in a factory's facilities and production lines can be measured and managed by using the EcoMonitor energy measuring unit and the EcoServer energy-saving data collection server, leading to "visualized" energy savings. Furthermore, additional energy saving can be achieved by replacing conventional motors with IPM motors.

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Size reduction and energy-saving technologies contribute to efficient voltage conversion at commercial facilities such as power generation plants and factories. We are drawing on our abundant know-how and technological abilities to provide support for wide-ranging applications.

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