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Kirigamine Move-Eye Sensor Navi-room Air Conditioners

These air conditioners are equipped with an information navigation function that uses original sensor technology to offer advice on energy-saving actions via the remote control, to maximize the energy efficiency.

The eight infrared sensors located at the center of the Move Eye Navi unit are constantly acquiring thermographic data, making a pass over the room every 30 seconds and dividing the scanned area into 752 quadrants. The thermographic data is then analyzed to find the position and surface temperature of the walls and floor, the position and state (open or closed) of the doors and windows, sunlight coming in from the windows, and the condition of the people in the room. More than simply ascertaining whether or not there are people in the room, their location and perceived temperature (hot or cold) measurements are also possible.

Mitsubishi Electric has spent the past 10 years developing this high-level thermographic data analysis technology. Recently, sensor-equipped air conditioners have become more common, but only Mitsubishi Electric's air conditioner is able to operate by simultaneously sensing the temperature both of people and their location. Technology that makes use of data analysis is an indispensable prerequisite to achieve maximum comfort and maximum ecology.


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