Stations & Railways

Mitsubishi Electric helps keep people moving smoothly and comfortably. From highly reliable rolling stock and rail systems, to intelligent transport systems, we're providing solutions and technologies for the future

Dry-air insulated switchgear

Dry-air insulated switchgear interrupt large currents effectively, minimizing damage during electrical surges. Instead of using conventional greenhouse gas, the use of dry-air as an insulation medium provides both safety and environmental performance.

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VVVF Inverters

VVVF inverters smoothly convert the electrical current used to drive electrical trains. Energy savings for railcar operations is achived through the effective use of regenerative power, miniaturization and noise reduction.

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Regenerative braking

The enormous kinetic energy of super-express trains running at high speed is converted into electrical energy whenever the brakes are applied. Kinetic energy that was previously wasted is now recycled as electricity and used to power other railcars.

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